About us

Our Quality Management system is under certification process as per ISO 9001: 2015 standard. Thejutech was established with an objective to offer tailor made optimum solutions in the field of Renewable energy, Defense, Railway & Automotive. Our expertise is to provide complete solutions from basic concept to final Product with features which client required in time bound development.

We have developed a highly innovative product/solution for Renewable energy, Defense, Railway & Automotive. Our research indicates that our formula/invention/technology is unique and will offer significant advantage over all available similar and competing products / services.

We are experts in,

  • Design Product/system from scratch to producible product as per client requirements
  • Very short development time and Cost effective
  • No compromise in product quality
  • Adhere to QCD (Quality, Cost & Delivery)


During more than 20 years of battery manufacturing, Thejutech has mastered a number of technologies and techniques, allowing for a better product.


Various tests are done at Thejutech to ensure the safety of our products for our customers.


Thejutech has a professional sales team to provide you with the best solutions and after-sale services

Custom Design

With more than 20 years in the battery industry, Thejutech have the capability to design products according to the customer’s needs.

Sustainable Development

Thejutech strives to maintain an environmentally friendly process of operation. This allows us to create high quality products whilst being sustainable.

Innovation And R&D

Constant innovation at Thejutech is backed up by high standards of research and design policies.