DC / DC Converters

DC / DC Converters

Thejutech designs and manufactures a wide range of DC/DC Converters from 10W to 5kW with High Power Density. High Efficiency Synchronous Rectified DC/DC Converters have been developed for Low Input Voltage Applications. Typical Efficiency is > 95%.

The evolution of the DC/DC Converter have meant that there are many additional controls and features that are required by a DC/DC Converter. Thejutech has developed many models featuring Low Cost 8 – 16 Bit Micro Processors for Control, Diagnostics and Communication.

DC/DC Converters have also been developed for Automotive and Railway Applications.


  • Wide range operation
  • Input over voltage, Input Under voltage, short circuit, overload, output undervoltage, over voltage protection.
  • Different size and enclosures
  • Open frame (if required)
  • High power density


  • Power adapter
  • Power source
  • Ventilators
  • Energy meters
  • Charger