Special Battery Packs

Special Battery Packs

Thejutech Battery packs consists of multiple cells connected in a series and/or a parallel, encased in Enclosure as per customer requirements. The Standard LiFePO4 battery packs are available in a variety of models, made with precision & technical expertise, where features like BMS for protection, thermal sheets for heat dissipation aesthetics, etc are taken care of withstand the warranties offered for each product.


  • Modular and customizable, providing space and weight savings resulting from a high energy density
  • High power capability and excellent cycle performance
  • BMS enables high-power discharge with multiple controls and protection functions
  • Easily integrable with renewable energy resources (Wind / Solar – Optional)
  • Easy to Install
  • Extended runtimes
  • High safety standards: Safety cells with integrated monitoring systems provide a safer product


Rugged ESS, Telescopic applications