TTSmart BMS is a compact and cost-effective BMS for automotive and industrial Application ranging from 12VDC up to 1200VDC. It manages rechargeable lithium batteries of any chemistry and from any battery supplier allowing you maximum battery sourcing freedom.

TTSMART BMS manages 6–16 cells & 8 temperature sensors per board. TTSMAR BMS can be stacked to manages up to 256 Cells.


  • 12VDC to 1200VDC
  • Up to max. 256 cells in series with stacking
  • User configurable I/0’s, RS485 Mod Bus & CAN Messages
  • Configurable Battery Parameters
  • Easy wiring and configurable
  • Embedded post processing for the RS485 Mod bus & CAN protocol
  • -40°C to +105°C Operational Range
  • Active & Passive Balancing option available
  • Cell voltage 0 to 5VDC, ± 2 mV accuracy
  • SOC, DOD & SOH Estimation
  • Passive Cell Balancing up to 1000mA / Active Cell Balancing up to 5000 mA
  • Thermal Management
  • Low power consumption
  • Data logging
  • Auto -off condition


Technical Specification:

1 System Voltage 12 – 1200VDC
2 Cells per DMB 6-16 Cells / TTSMART BMS
3 Cells per system 6 – 256 Cells in series BMS STACKING
4 capacity 2000Ah Max
5 Balancing current 1000mA @ 4.2VDC Max
6 Input voltage 12 VDC (9VDC – 105VDC)
7 Current consumption <150mA operating / 0 mA in sleep mode
8 Current consumption <10mA operating. DMB is powered from cells / <3mA sleep mode
9 Temperature Sensors 2 on DMB PCB and 6 for Battery pack monitoring NTC, 10KΩ @ 25 DegC, β Value: 3900
10 Measurement Specifications Cell voltage: Range 0-5V, Accuracy ±2mV typical, <±10mV max., Sampling 1Hz Temperature accuracy ±1.5°C (dependent on sensor) Pack voltage 0-1200V, accuracy ±1V, Sampling 5Hz Current measurement by Shunt (100 – 1000 μΩ), 400mV max, Sampling 5Hz
11 Dimensions & Weight DMB 108 x 100 mm DMB 65g
12 Coating 3M™ Novec™ electronic coating EGC-1700
13 Control IOs HV contactors, charge contactor, pre-charge contactor
14 Communication CAN bus 2.0 A&B for system integration, RS232 PC diagnostics interface
15 Protection Modes Capable to monitor and handle 22 safety critical error modes Capable to report 15 unique warnings conditions Capability to broadcast system status, errors and warnings over CAN
16 Temperature Specifications: Operational -40° to 105°C