Servo Drives

Servo Drives

Thejutech has been developing specialized servo drives for customer need. We have a lot of experience in building high-performance specialized servo drives which are manufactured in small quantities and which can be modified in a short time to match the customer’s requirements. In this way, customer-specific servo drive projects can be supported very quickly and efficiently.

Motion Control:

Without electronics and firmware modern motion control just would not exist. Behind any servo or stepper motor we use there is an amplifier and positioning controller. We differentiate between central and decentral (intelligence at each axis, connected with a communications bus system) topology.


  • Amplifier in rugged housing for DC- and BL-servo motors
  • Various voltage ranges: 12 to 60Vdc, 12 to 350Vdc or 24 to 650Vdc
  • Low voltage version with continuous current up to 100Arms
  • +/-10V analog interface for torque or speed control
  • Compact, enclosed housing with Sub-D connectors
  • High-bandwidth, linear current control (16 bit-resolution)
  • High-efficiency PWM (20/40kHz) with parallel modulation
  • Up to 24kW continuous power
  • Sine-wave or block commutation using hall-effect, resolver or encoder feedback
  • Velocity feedback via DC-tach, resolver, encoder or hall-effect devices
  • Standard feedback (-R): hall-effects, digital encoder and resolver, optional (-E): sine-encoder, absolute encoders (EnDat/Hiperface)
  • Industrial (-CT), extended (-ET) temperature versions and MIL-types (-MT) available
  • Parameter monitoring and configuration from a PC via the RS232-interface (USB soon available) -> no potentiometer, no switches.
  • Communications via CANbus. We can implement the customer’s own CAN profile in the SWM7 servodrive.


  • DC Pumps
  • Traction applications
  • EV